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Depois de muito espreitar Fan Soundtracks feitos para digimon, decidi tentar a minha versão. =P

Este é o meu 1º FST, dedicado à Hikari da 1ª temporada, Digimon Adventure. Desenhei e anexei-lhe uma capa relativamente simples; mas espero que gostem.

Digimon Adventure Fan Soundtrack
~ An Angel's Light ~

01. Endlessly
"A sweet and gentle voice sings the innocent anthem of the angels. The altruistic chosen one of Light Hikari is presented with the gift to irradiate joy and kindness by her mere existence. She represents the light of life."

02. Fatigue
"The gentle light fades away as the power of darkness gets stronger. The light of the stars gets stifled by the overwhelming darkness of Mother Night, its lurking silence threatening her existence. Hikari becomes sick, while her fragility may lead her smile to extinction...""

03. Hear our prayer
"Even when everything seems lost, even the smallest light can still be noted in the darkness. A sick Hikari watches the weak Numemon fighting against Mugendramon knowing only death awaits them. They sacrifice themselves for the sake of the chosen child. A deeply moved Hikari kneels down and lifts them a tomb to let her prayers be listen. Not long she and her friends will meet Piedmon, the strongest and most powerful of the Dark Masters. Her prayers are what enhance her ray of light... with faith in a better future."

04. Blue Sky
"When all darkness is dispelled and the sun rises again in the real world, Hikari smiles at the blue sky and welcomes the dawn of a new day. The light was restored... even though the digital world needs time to recover its wounds, she knows light is there to stay. She doesn't cry when she says goodbye to Tailmon. She knows they will meet again. Now, her light is even stronger than ever... She will fight, older and stronger, for the sake of both worlds..."

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